Kendra Markle designs health tech products for behavior change. She has extensive experience modeling behavior patterns and designing compelling new techniques that influence behavior, delivering them through wearables & mobile applications or through the coaching relationship. Her programs create new habits & break old ones, address the underlying emotional & social aspects of behavior change and use technology to make solutions cost-effective and scalable.

The current crisis in healthcare is truly alarming. We now know that much of the developing chronic disease can be prevented and even reversed with changes in lifestyle but behavior change is a tough and complex process. Most people are simply unable to change their behavior enough, even when their lives are at stake. New context-aware coaching methods are the key to enabling successful and lasting change and technology enables effective coaching that’s affordable and accessible to everyone. This is truly a time to better understand how to use technology to motivate and coach behavior change that solves big problems and to scale up programs that really work. This is Kendra’s mission.

Kendra’s background includes bio-medical engineering degrees from MIT and a decade of producing & testing patient wellness pilot programs with Kaiser Permanente and other clinical care teams. She recently completed a 5 year NIH research grant at the Stanford Prevention Research Center studying innovative new ways to address obesity behavior changes. Her consulting team at AlterActions improves products & corporate wellness programs by integrating research-proven behavior change techniques. She is a dynamic teacher & conference speaker and has presented talks and workshops at MedicineX, Web 2.0 Expo, Mobile Health, Healthcare Unbound, Games for Health, the Quantified Self conference and many others. She’s taught classes on technology innovation in healthcare at both MIT and Stanford.


Weight Loss Sabotage: How Your Friends Can Undermine Your Efforts to Lose Weight & How to Fight Back

After two years of effort and many weight loss achievements and setbacks, Susan painfully realized that most of her old friends weren’t really her friends anymore. She didn’t feel they were really there for her during the process, and if they couldn’t support something so important to her, then they must not care about her …

How Cats & Dogs Can Help Regulate Your Eating Patterns

Emotional dysregulation is one of the root causes of overeating. People commonly eat for comfort when they experience strong emotions like anxiety, anger or sadness. Cats and dogs are amazing emotional regulators who can help you practice better emotional regulation just by spending quality time with them. Ever reach for the carbs when you’re feeling …


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