Behavior Change Strategies That Work.

You want your product to change users behavior and improve their health and wellbeing -- but does it actually work?

If your users aren't changing their behavior, you need to go beyond the basics and use proven techniques from the cutting edge of behavioral research.

Ensure your product is designed for effective
and lasting behavior change.

Kendra Markle, MEng
Behavioral Design & Strategy

Habits & Behavior Change Design 
to Improve Engagement and Health & Wellbeing Outcomes

Empowering Users
with Behavioral Science.

Unlocking behavior change with methods that work
is the most impactful thing you can do for your users.

Once you fill their toolbox with proven techniques, they can successfully
make new keystone habits that level up what they're capable of.
Added coaching to guide them through the process will help them
overcome obstacles and ensure they don't give up.

Innovative Behavior Change User Research, Product Behavioral Design & Coaching Methodology

Kendra's products, programs, coaching methodologies and health coach chatbots use the science of what works best to help people change their lifestyles and make it stick. Users learn what to change, how to change and when to change for the biggest impact. Kendra's frameworks simplify the process of making big lifestyle changes and guide users to make good habits and break bad ones.

Product Research & Behavioral Design

It's not enough for your product to simply tell users what they need to do. Embedded into each program Kendra designs are  evidence-based methods for helping users through the behavior change process. Her programs are data-driven and designed for insightful analytics.

Coaching Design
& Training

The key to sustained behavior change is great coaching at the right moments. Kendra's coaching methodologies are custom designed for each target audience's needs and style so coaches can become trusted guides via video, phone or text message. Training of coaches also available.

Digital Health Coach Design

Automated chatbots can engage users 'anytime, anywhere' while keeping engagement quality up and costs down. Kendra has unique experience and insights in behavior change conversation design for scalability without sacrificing health outcomes.

Corporate Training

Health Habits Made Easy.

Turbocharge your employees with our corporate training. Learn the art and science of habit formation, along with a suite of keystone habits to level up employee health. Our award-winning trainings are engaging, inspiring and make complex concepts memorable and fun. They include materials for habit evaluation and strategy, planning, tracking and trouble-shooting new habits over time.

Choose from a focus on productivity habits or wellbeing habits.

About Kendra.

Kendra is an innovative behavioral researcher and health & wellbeing behavior change strategist. She spent years directing wellbeing innovation at major medical centers, researching habit formation at the Stanford Prevention Research Center and consulting for numerous health tech startups. She graduated from MIT. Kendra is a popular speaker and has taught workshops across the country, as well as courses at Stanford and MIT. She'll talk behavior with you all day and never get bored.

Kendra has deep expertise in engaging methods and target habits for chronic conditions, including behavior change for weight loss, diabetes reversal, sleep, anxiety and mental health.

What People Are Saying

"These are the BEST materials I have encountered in my many years of searching. The lack of condemnation and the step by step instructions for new habit formation have been especially helpful for me."

Ruben M.

"This program is the best program I have ever done to tackle my lifestyle issues. I wish I could have instant success, but making habit changes can be difficult and complex. I have implemented many changes already (better sleep, more exercise). Thank you so much for this program. It is truly the best."

Diane L.

"This program works! It's a winner! Today my resting blood levels fell to below 5.5 mmol/L for the first time in over 3 years. It had been a steady 8.5 to 9 for ages prior to taking on the program.  I am grateful for this program because it has taken me on a beautiful journey to a greater understanding of food, my body, my wellbeing plus my inner strength and resolve."

Dennis F.

"I am so thankful to have this program and to be eating the right way. I have so much energy I don't know what to do with it. Yippie! Life is good. Thank you for making this program."

Wendy M.

Empower Your Users to Start Behaving.

It's time for your product or program to generate big results and meaningful improvement in behavioral outcomes.