KMM Case Study #4

This Innovative AI Digital Coach Mobile App Builds Caring Relationships 

While Scaling Up Coaching

Combining innovative behavioral science techniques, I researched, designed and produced this working minimum viable product (MVP) of an AI digital willpower coach from the future. The brand voice is the user's friendly, helpful future self, which research shows sparks behavior change.


User testing on the Minimum Viable Product revealed it was highly effective for users and they hotly anticipated the launch of the full version. User testimonial: "I lost 8% of my body weight and you made it seem easy!"

1.2 Years

  • 3.5 Months: User research, strategy
  • 2 Months: UX design & user testing
  • 1.5 Months: UI design & user testing
  • 3 Months: VUI design & user testing
  • 1.5 Months: App development
  • 2.5 Months: MVP efficacy study

4 Tools

  • Balsamiq
  • Figma
  • VoiceFlow
  • Photoshop

10 Team

  • 1 CEO + 4 Advisors
  • 5 EU App development team

My Role

  • Innovative product ideation and validation
  • Entire UX design, including wireframes, low resolution mockups and user testing
  • Branding and user interface design with high resolution figma mockups (app components completed by mobile app designer)
  • Voice user interface design/conversation design for AI digital coach
  • Working MVP app user testing and iteration
  • Working MVP app study to prove efficacy

UX Design Wireframes

We played with many ideas, testing simple mockups on real users. We refined it until they said things like "I really want to use this! I would pay for it". 

UI Design Mockups

Then we added branding, colors, styles and laid out each screen. We tested it on users until they said "This onboarding sucks me right in! It's got a great look and feels easy to use". 

VUI Design & Testing

I structured the conversations, developed the brand voice, wrote the dialog and iteratively tested it on users to refine it until they said "This coach is my friend!".

User Testing for Efficacy

In a 2.5 month trial, 50 users of the MVP gave it great feedback and took meaningful action on their goals. One said "I lost 8% of my body weight and you made it seem easy".