KMM Case Study #3

This Chronic Disease Management App Needed a UX/UI/VUI Overhaul

This popular app promised big health improvements but didn't work. I was hired to identify why and improve the user experience to fix it. I helped overhaul the onboarding (to get new users to stay), the user experience (to make it compelling to use) and the chatbot conversation (to make it improve health outcomes).


My work allowed the team to understand existing users, created solutions for their problems with the app and identified massive revenue improvement opportunities.

3 Months

  • 2 Weeks: User research, strategy
  • 4 weeks: UX wireframes & testing 
  • 2 weeks: UI design
  • 4 Weeks: VUI design & testing

6 Tools

  • Balsamiq
  • Figma
  • Miro
  • VoiceFlow
  • Confluence/Jira
  • Photoshop

220+ Team

  • 1 User Researcher
  • 6 Clinical team
  • 3 Product managers
  • 1 UX designer
  • 3 UI designers
  • 0 VUI designers
  • 4 Managers
  • 1 Nutritionist

My Role

  • Qualitative & quantitative user research (interviews, surveys, data analysis, etc)
  • Strategic value proposition definition for expanded target audience
  • New onboarding experience design (with designer for UI design)
  • New brand voice & persona
  • Redoing entire user interface, including all coaching conversations
  • Training the coaching team with new coaching methodology

My UX/UI/VUI Design Thinking Process

User Research

I first did extensive research to understand their existing users and collect feedback about the app experience:

  • User survey, interviews, FB group chats
  • Extensive app data analysis
  • Clinical documentation of population health


  • Poor onboarding causes a high bounce rate
  • Only morbidly obese women become active users --> this is being marketed as a weight loss app
  • The voice of the app is offensive & demeaning

VUI Conversational Structure & Brand Voice

I created a brand voice and updated the coaching dialog to match. I also identified and helped implement ways to improve the coaching while minimizing engineering effort.