KMM Case Study #2

'Crush Your Cravings' Online Course to Build New Habits & Make Them Stick

Your step-by-step blueprint for beating your temptations – without failing over and over.

This is my solo effort to teach a wide audience about habit formation techniques for eating behaviors. Initial launch feedback from my small audience was very positive.

9+ Months

  • 6 Months: Course development
  • 1 Month: Adult learning training
  • 1 Month: Video production
  • 1.5 Months: Soft launch, user testing
  • 4 Weeks: Live course
  • 5 Tools

    • Premiere Pro
    • Photoshop
    • InDesign
    • Acrobat
    • Wordpress

    1 Team

    • Just me

    My Role

    • All course creation
    • All video & asset creation
    • Website development
    • Digital marketing

    Curriculum & Course Materials

    The live cohort-based course contains 4 modules that build on each other to produce a distinct change in daily habits and a sense of success. Each week presents a set of video lectures with clear strategies, simple explanations of the science, assignments and worksheets and assessment.

    Module 1 - Mitigating slip ups

    Module 2 - Reducing, tricking and avoiding your cravings

    Module 3 - Boosting willpower & resisting cravings
    Module 4 - Breaking bad craving habits

    User Journey: Lessons, Slides & Videos

    Each lesson is carefully designed to lead the user from pain points to solution awareness to strategies to baby steps all while changing their mindset and undoing years of damaging self talk.
    When the user feels you care about them, it unlocks their ability to get results.