KMM Case Study #1

'Ignite Your Journey' Online Course to Get Discouraged Diabetics to Start Taking Action

The online cohort-based course I developed and helped teach turned apathy into action with proven behavioral science techniques. Students were supported by weekly motivational videos and action assignments, fillable action plan worksheets, a drip email campaign to keep them on track and coaching via an online community where they shared obstacles and celebrated results.


This course made more than $2 million in 2 years. It got rave reviews from users, many of whom signed up multiple times. Some users successfully reversed their diabetes!

5.5 Months

  • 3 Weeks: User research, strategy
  • 2 Months: Course Development
  • 1.5 Months: Videos & website creation
  • 6 Weeks: Live course
  • 5 Tools

    • Premiere Pro
    • Photoshop
    • InDesign
    • Acrobat
    • Wordpress

    11+ Team

    • 1 Celebrity
    • 1 Digital Marketer
    • 1 Assistant
    • 1 Video production lead
    • 6 Community Coaches
    • 1 Tech support

    My Role

    • Course owner & project manager
    • User research
    • Validate idea
    • Develop curriculum (lessons, assignments, videos, quizzes, online community)
    • Design & create course assets (branding, worksheets, scripts, 1/2 video production)
    • Design & build course website
    • Train community coaches
    • Worked with an adult learning consultant
    • Assist with digital marketing (strategy, copywriting, social media assets, project management)

    User Research

    I researched the existing users with surveys and data analysis to determine what problems they had, what they had already tried and what they needed most.

    Curriculum & Course Materials

    I created the course curriculum and created all the content, including lessons, assignments, workbooks, assessments and more.
    • Week 1: Eat more greens & beans
    • Week 2: Elevate your cooking
    • Week 3: Master your eating & sleeping timing
    • Week 4: Kick the sugar addiction
    • Week 5: Incorporate movement
    • Week 6: Find your tribe

    Branding, Drip Email

    I designed the branding and created the website, workbooks and other assets.
    I did the copywriting for the encouraging drip email campaign that ran during the course and assisted with the digital marketing strategy and assets.

    Shooting Videos: Scripting, Production, Post-Production

    I produced all the course videos, from writing all the video scripts to hiring the studio for the celebrity videos to managing the video shoots and editing. I shot & produced my own teaching videos at home.