Kendra Markle Morning, MEng

Senior User Experience Designer & Educator

Deep Industry Experience. Passionate Teacher.

I design compelling digital experiences that inspire, invite & empower users and I teach students to do the same.

Creative Visionary

Dynamic Teacher

Results Oriented

Course Development 

& Teaching

I've developed and taught courses & workshops that brought in more than $2 million in revenue

User Experience Design

My deep ethnographic user research, product strategy and UX/UI/VUI design incorporates behavioral science and produces engaging experiences that users love to return to over and over. 

AI Mobile App

My innovative AI digital coach scaled coaching support without losing human caring and showed impressive efficacy in user testing.

Visual Design

Using Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and InDesign, I’ve been creating branding, websites, videos and social media assets for many small clients, friends and family for years. I shoot my own stock photography and video.


Student Testimonials

These are the BEST materials I have encountered in my many years of searching

“Kendra’s lack of condemnation and her step by step instructions for new habit formation have been incredibly helpful for me”

I’m doing far better than I ever thought possible - This course is really working for me

This program works - IT’S A WINNER! Today my resting blood sugar levels fell to below

5.5 mmol/L for the first time in over 3 years. I was struggling with my desire to continue with

‘sometimes’ eating my old favorites but Kendra helped me commit to do what I knew was right for my ongoing wellbeing”

"He hates school but now he won't miss a day because he loves Kendra's class. Thank you Kendra for that!" --Andrea

"Kendra is such a gem in the world of teaching and competency. Her unique and inspiring style leads to acquisition of knowledge through action and real world application- far more intriguing and memorable than the typical information dump." --Noel

"Kendra is an exceptional teacher. She is passionate about teaching and working with students. She is very creative and always finds ways to make

math engaging and fun. Her enthusiasm is contagious and my son’s eyes just glow from the discoveries at every lesson. Kendra is super patient

and is just a very nice and supportive person. I am so grateful to have Kendra as my son’s teacher." --Maya

"I highly recommend Kendra for any teaching position. Her teaching is characterized by exceptional clarity and engaging methods that make learning

fun. She excels at helping students overcome obstacles, fostering an environment where every student can thrive. Kendra is not just a teacher; she is a

source of inspiration and empowerment for her students." --Georgina

"Kendra does exceptionally well with providing a well rounded learning session for my child. She has taken the time to understand what he needs and has really helped him build his confidence. She offers a unique, fun curriculum that makes him excited to learn and he actually looks forward to her class." --Dawn

Deep Industry Experience. Passionate Teacher.

  • Extensive teaching experience in industry and high school/college (MIT, Stanford, Summerfield HS)
  • Dynamic teacher and dedicated mentor
  • .. ++ ++